Section 504 Forms


Nonpublic Schools and Agencies (NPS/As) Spreadsheet

To access the spreadsheet, visit the Data Collection & Reporting page on the California Department of Education web site. Choose the "California Nonpublic, Nonsectarian Schools and Agencies Certification Data Worksheet" link under the Nonpublic Schools/Agencies heading. The purpose of the spreadsheet is for charter schools to check the certification status of any NPA or NPS. The charter school must ensure that any NPA or NPS with which it contracts, must have a current certification by CDE. If the charter contracts for a special education service by a non-certified provider, special education funds may not be used to pay for the services. The spreadsheet can be sorted for ease of use, e.g., County.

NPS/NPA Information and Forms

2016-17 Master Contract & Exhibits

Educationally Related Mental Health Services for Students with Disabilities (ERMHS)

Effective July 1, 2011, the California Legislature and the Governor shifted responsibility for mental health services for students with disabilities from County Mental Health to Public Schools, repealing certain portions of AB3632. To assist member districts with the transition, the SELPA has worked with Sonoma County Mental Health (SMCH) to establish funding streams, procedures, services, and develop of a Memo of Understanding. Refer to the following PDF documents for additional clarification: