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Protocol for consideration of admission to our Charter SELPA

Application to the Sonoma County Charter SELPA (SCC SELPA) shall be based on a desire for increased access to appropriate special education services and a desire to implement quality programs for students with disabilities, and not primarily on fiscal concerns. An online application which contains specific criteria addressing the key indicators that would demonstrate the Charter School's capability of implementing quality educational programs for all children following researched best practices and the capacity to perform as a LEA must be completed by the Charter School and submitted to the SCC SELPA.

The Charter SELPA has established a Review Committee to consider applications for admission to the SELPA. The Review Committee includes a representative of the CEO Council, the Sonoma County Superintendent/designee, and a representative of a charter school selected by the Sonoma County Charter School SELPA Director. The Committee shall review all applications for submission and determine whether the charter school requesting admission to the SELPA shall be admitted. The determination regarding admission to the SELPA shall include the term approved and any conditions related to admission. Charter schools granted admission into the Charter SELPA must also be approved by the California Department of Education through the Charter SELPA Revised Local Plan.

Although we believe it is preferable for a charter school to participate within their own geographic SELPA, we realize that choice regarding SELPA participation may be of interest to some. We are excited to offer one more choice with which interested charters can partner. The SCC SELPA became operational on July 1, 2012. We are currently accepting limited applications from charter schools out of the Sonoma County area but preferably located in Northern California Regions 1-5 (see map of region ) in order to remain small and responsive to our members. The SELPA ensures compliance and assists charter members according to the governance structure outlined in the Charter SELPA Local Plan.

The Sonoma County Charter SELPA believes that all students can learn. Our mission is to support charter schools and their special education students in achieving a high level of academic/functional performance according to national and state standards. To assure this outcome, SELPA personnel will provide information and resources to charter school staff to enable them to support their students and parents.

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